Poison of Pride Part I

Welcome back to another episode of "RX for Purpose with Dr. Sharla." In this series, Dr. Sharla leads a bible study session on "Poison of Pride." In this episode, Dr. Sharla holds nothing back as she delves into the topic of pride and its poisonous effects. Grab your pen and paper, as this series promises to leave a lasting impact, providing you with a fresh perspective on the understanding of pride.

Throughout this series, Dr. Sharla equips listeners with the definition of pride and explores its various manifestations, both positive and negative. Drawing from her insights and revelations, she compares pride in ways that listeners can relate to, facilitating the incorporation of these teachings into their daily lives. Building on themes discussed in previous episodes, you will gain contemplative insights and actionable steps to implement immediately.

Utilizing scriptures and real-life scenarios, Dr. Sharla provides a comprehensive understanding of pride and offers guidance on how to overcome it. She empowers listeners to take the necessary steps to remove pride from their lives, laying a solid foundation for the success that God has destined for them. Tune in to this series and let Dr. Sharla's words inspire, empower, and guide you on your spiritual journey. Through shared experiences and wisdom, she offers listeners a roadmap to removing the poison of pride.



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