How To Hear From God: Embracing Divine Guidance in Everyday Decisions

In this episode, Dr. Sharla explores the vital topic of how to clearly hear from God, a journey crucial for deepening our spiritual connections and living out God's plan for our lives. Reflecting on her own experiences and biblical teachings, she discusses the necessary steps to align our hearing with God's word, ensuring that we are not misled by our own desires or misunderstandings.

Episode Highlights:

  • Consistency with God’s Word: Dr. Sharla emphasizes that God’s voice will always align with Scripture. She explains how to differentiate God’s guidance from other voices that may lead us astray.
  • Understanding God’s Ways: Reflecting on Isaiah 55:8-9, Dr. Sharla reminds us that God's thoughts and ways are vastly superior to ours, often conflicting with our personal logic and feelings.
  • Practical Engagement with Scripture: Learn the importance of actively studying the Bible to understand God’s perspectives on various aspects of life, such as finances and personal conduct.
  • The Challenge of Obedience: Dr. Sharla shares personal anecdotes, including her own health challenges, to illustrate how obeying God’s seemingly simple commands—like resting or hydrating—can lead to profound spiritual and physical benefits.
  • Overcoming Personal Bias and Emotion: Explore how to navigate the conflict between God's directives and our emotional responses, ensuring that faith guides our decisions rather than fleeting feelings.
  • Join Dr. Sharla as she provides actionable insights and heartfelt encouragement for tuning into God's voice amidst the noise of everyday life. This episode is designed to empower you to seek and recognize divine guidance, fostering a life that is truly aligned with God’s will.

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