Bible Study Breakdown: John 17:3 | Rx for Purpose Podcast | Dr. Sharla Walker

Welcome to this special bonus episode of the "Rx For Purpose Podcast" with Dr. Sharla Walker. Join Dr. Sharla as she embarks on a profound exploration of John 17:3.

The desire for eternal life and knowledge of God is universal. In this episode, Dr. Sharla encourages everyone to cultivate a personal relationship with God, emphasizing the comfort and guidance that comes from one's individual faith journey.

Dr. Sharla poses thought-provoking questions, urging listeners to reflect on their own connection with eternal life and God. Throughout this journey, she underscores the significance of intentionality. As you listen, grab your pen and paper to note down the insights Dr. Sharla shares, guiding you through this transformative exploration with profound wisdom and thoughtful guidance.